Producer, Director, Writer

Producer, director and writer, Alejandro Sugich studied Economics with specialty in finance in Universidad de Sonora (UNISON). He studied english as second language in Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah. Sugich worked for five years in Motorola Broadband Communications Sector in Nogales, Sonora and in San Jose, California. In 2008 he founded Sulafilms SA de CV.

He studied a one year program of Filmmaking and Cinematography in Los Ángeles, CA at New York Film Academy (NYFA). He also studied Production and Executive Production at UCLA in the program called “MicroBudget Films” Los Ángeles, CA. He took the Acting for Directors Workshop under the prestigious actress and producer Judy Weston, among many other courses and trainings.

His productions have been chosen for the film festivals as Morelia, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Cannes ShortCorner, Morbido, Ventana Sur, St Kitts, Los Angeles, Sochi Rusia, San Diego, Portland, Guanajuato (Expresión en Corto) and Oaxaca. He won in the Oaxaca film Festival and Expresión en Corto Guanajuato, both in 2010. His productions have been nominated for 8 Diosas de Plata, 2 Arieles and 2 Canacine Awards. In 2014 he founded Neverlanding Pictures, a mexican indie film distribution company that became in his first year the #6 ranking of 25 Mexican Distribution Companies. In 2015 Co-founded with Media Artist Jens Kull the company SumoVR A 360/VR/AR production company based in Venice CA and Mexico City.

Alejandro Sugich is member of the IQ International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers that holds more than 200 members in 20 countries, Sugich and Sulafilms are representing Mexico.



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