Creativity and Innovation in Public Media followed by a Mixer

Presented and Hosted by CPB

Join a conversation with public media producers and executives as they discuss how new content creation and distribution models are being developed to tell stories related to the needs of veterans in local communities, CPB’s American Graduate initiative, and to stations’ efforts to highlight the richness of their own communities. From digital first distribution to high impact local/national partnership and engagement efforts, public media is helping to redefine audience engagement and innovative storytelling.

This panel will be followed by a mixer from 6pm -8pm presented by CPB.

Speakers: Daniel Alpert (Executive Director, Kindling Group), Dez Hernandez (Producer, Kindling Group), Garrett Combs (Filmmaker/U.S Army Veteran), Sara Robertson (VP Production and Technology, KLRU-TV)

Moderator: Joseph Tovares (SVP and CCO, CPB)

Presented and hosted by CPB  


June 24, 2016 at 4pm - 7pm
Creators Studio 1


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