President Criolla Films

Fanny Véliz, is an award winning actor and filmmaker from both the United States and Venezuela. She writes, directs, and produces projects that offer new opportunities for Latino Americans to portray human characters with depth and texture beyond the stereotypes that are common in current entertainment faire.

After being turned down by several distributors for her feature film HOMEBOUND, Véliz turned to crowd sourcing for distribution. After 12 successful TUGG screenings, all around the country put on by the community the film received limited theatrical release as well as TV and DVD distribution. Véliz travels the country and speaks at colleges and universities about the importance of diversity in the media.  

She served on the board of the Non-Profit Nosotros for 3 years. She now serves on the board of Latin Heat Media Institute an organization that supports developing Latino filmmakers. She works at Kontakto Entertainment as a directors representative.



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