Friday Schedule

Friday Schedule

Schedule of Events

8:00 — 4:00pm

Registration - Day 2

Pre-Function Terrace

Registration for The 2016 NALIP Media Summit continues.


8:45 — 9:30am

Latino Media Market: Orientation (Restricted Access. By Invitation Only)

Latino Media Market

The Latino Media Market (LMM) Orientation will go into detail on the Latino Media Market sessions with LMM finalists.

Speakers: Ben Lopez (NALIP Projects Director), Bryan Bravo (NMS Coordinator), Liliana Espinoza (Latino Media Market Coordinator)

9:00 — 11:00am

Energize Coffee Break Presented by Fox Audience Strategy

Creators Lounge

Creators! Get your day started off right as there is a jam packed, event-filled on this second day of the NALIP Media Summit. This will be located at the Creators Lounge in the Dolby. Interact, network, and re-energive in our Creators Lounge and enjoy some coffee refreshments and give aways by Fox Audience Strategy. 

Presented by Fox Audience Strategy

9:30 — 10:30am

Latino Media Market: How to Pitch Workshop (Restricted Access. By Invitation Only)

Latino Media Market

The LMM session will share with the NALIP Latino Media Market Official Selections techniques and tools to pitch their project in order to build a relationship in the industry, secure distribution or completion funds for their project.

Speaker: Jairo Alvarado (Manager, Circle of Confusion)

10:00 — 11:30am

Sundance Episodic Workshop (Restricted Access. By Invitation Only)

Pitch Sessions Lounge

The Sundance Institute Episodic Story Lab offers 10 writers an opportunity to develop long-form episodic content in a setting where they can hone their writing skills and learn how to navigate the changing industry. Working with accomplished showrunners, as well as non-writing creative producers and studio/network executives, the Fellows participate in one-on-one creative story meetings, pitching sessions, writers’ rooms, and group conversations focusing on the key creative and tactical elements that are central to their success in episodic storytelling.

Speakers: Jennifer Goyne Blake (Senior Manager of the Sundance Institute Episodic Story Lab), Cristen Aery (Manager of the Episodic Storytelling Initiative at the Sundance Institute), Crystal Liu (Executive Story Editor, FX)


10:00 — 10:00am

Creator's Lounge - NALIP Media Summit 2016

Creator's Lounge - NALIP Media Summit 2016

Summit attendees will network with Summit sponsors and exhibitors who will display career opportunities, diversity programs and initiatives. You will also enjoy screenings and panels in the lounge! This space is meant for all creators to mingle and create ideas to build on!

The Creators Lounge is open to all Summit pass holders, NALIP members and non-pass holders! Make sure to RSVP!

10:00 — 11:30am

Producing with SAG-AFTRA and Telenovela Talent in Florida Presented by SAG-AFTRA

Latino Lens Interactive

This session, featuring two senior staff from the SAG-AFTRA contracts division and a well known soap opera actor, will highlight the growing number of Latino talent in Florida as an untapped source for independent content creators, and discuss the value of producing content under SAG-AFTRA contracts.

Speakers: Beth Millman (National Director and Television Contracts, SAG-AFTRA), Christian de la Campa (Actor), Olga Rodriguez-Aguirre (National Director of Theatrical Contracts, SAG-AFTRA)

Moderator: Jaime Ferrar (Talent Agent, JFA Jaime Ferrar Agency) 

10:00 — 11:30am

Are you down with OTT?

Creators Studio 2

The new players and buyers are here looking for media and content in eclectic forms. Come create with us and learn how to take advantage of the new business models OTT technologies are enabling for independent content creators like you, while changing the rules for traditional TV streaming.

Speakers: Craig Parks (Vice President, Programming for Watchable, Comcast), Pat Shah (Head of Original Content Licensing, Spotify AB), Phil Alberstat (Chief Operating Officer, Contend)

Moderator: Beatriz Acevedo (Founder/President, Mitu Network)

10:00 — 4:00pm

NALIP Pitch Sessions Day 1 Presented by mitú

Pitch Sessions
The NALIP Pitch Sessions will give creators the opportunity to pitch their project to representatives of Mitu Network and receive immediate feedback on June 24 and 25 during the 2016 NALIP Media Summit!

Creators must RSVP, sign and turn in a RELEASE FORM to participate. A summit pass is not required but highly encouraged in order to utilize all opportunities available to creators. Creators must provide their own media, AV equipment and any other material needed to pitch. RSVP does not guarantee participation, due to the limited time frame, first-come-first serve basis will be applied during the event.

*Only Pass holders will be allowed to participate in other elements of the 2016 NALIP Media Summit.*


  • Character-driven comedies
  • Drama
  • Action-adventure
  • Horror &amp
  • Horror- Comedies
  • Animated Series
  • Micro-budget movie scripts


  • Docu-drama/reality
  • Ocu-dramas (work-place reality)
  • Game/competition concept

Materials Recommended:

  • Visual summary of project to determine tone
  • Written Summary of project (include Format length)
  • Character Breakdown (if scripted) or Talent Suggestions (for unscripted formats)
  • Sample episodic logline (if scripted)
  • Sizzle Reel (if you have one)
  • Creator Bio & Credits

Due to the limited amount of time for pitching, we recommend having materials in mobile form (laptop/tablet) and bringing a one-sheet to leave after completing the session.


As the fastest growing media brand for Latino millennials, mitú is focused on creating English-language content that is unapologetically Latino with universal appeal. Led by award-winning media executives with a deep understanding of the U.S. Latino experience, mitú is reshaping the media landscape, by focusing on creating culturally-relevant content that represents today’s Latino youth culture.

Presented by mitú

10:00 — 11:30am

The Curators: Latino Film Critics and Programmers

Creators Lounge

When we talk about diversity in the entertainment industry the focus tends to be on those actually involved in the process of making movies. Nobody talks about curators. Festival programmers and film critics are an essential part of the filmmaking chain. Here's the perfect opportunity to hear from the curators who are dedicated to raising awareness about Latino independent films.

Speakers: Dilcia Barrera, Associate Curator of Film Program (LACMA) and Short Film Programmer (Sundance Film Festival); Christine Davila, Associate Film Programmer, (Sundance Film Festival) and Blogger (Chicana from Chicago); Alonso Duralde, Film Reviews Editor (The Wrap) and Senior Programmer (Outfest); Claudia Puig, Film Critic (KPCC); Moisés Esparza, Film Programmer (San Diego Latino Film Festival).

Moderator: Vanessa Erazo (Film Editor, Remezcla) 

10:30 — 11:30am

Incubating Access: Fostering Diverse Voices on New Platforms Presented by ITVS

Creators Studio 1

The proliferation of new technologies like VR and digital distribution platforms hold tremendous potential for impactful stories by and for communities of color. So what is the state of diversity in digital storytelling today? Join Noland Walker (Sr. Content Director), Norma Garcia-Muro (Director of Marketing and Communications), and Karim Ahmad (Sr. Digital Strategist) from ITVS, as well as Kamal Sinclair (Director, Sundance New Frontiers Storylab) for a discussion on cultural representation and access in digital media and how organizations are expanding opportunities.

Speakers: Noland Walker (Senior Content Director, ITVS),  Karim Ahmad (Senior Digital Content Strategist, ITVS), Kamal Sinclair (Director of the Sundance Institute's New Frontier Lab Programs), Norma Garcia-Muro (Director of Marketing and Communications, ITVS)

Presented by ITVS

11:00 — 6:00pm

Latino Media Market: Executive Meetings (Restricted Access. By Invitation Only)

Latino Media Market

Day One of the Latino Media Market: Industry executives take meetings from selected participants to pitch their documentary, low-budget feature, unscripted reality TV or digital web series idea in order to secure completion funds or distribution.

11:30 — 12:00pm

Networking Coffee Break

Creators Lounge
12:00 — 2:00pm

How to Pitch 101 Workshop (For non-Keynote pass holders) How to Pitch 101 Workshop

Creators Studio 1

The How to Pitch Workshop will cover the fundamentals of pitching through a hands on presentation led by DMA. Following the interactive discussion, the participants will break into small mentorship groups to practice their pitching.

Speakers: DMA (Showrunner/Executive/Consultant/Author)


12:00 — 2:00pm

Friday Keynote Luncheon: A Conversation With Len Amato Presented by HBO

Keynote Luncheon

NALIP Board of Director Margie Moreno introduces The NALIP Women in Media Initiative followed by welcomes from our 2016 NALIP Media Summit Co-Chairs. A keynote luncheon conversation with Len Amato, HBO Films President will provide insight on the current landscape of media creation and advancing Latino content across multiple mediums. The conversation will be moderated by Alex Fumero.

Attendees interested in joining this luncheon may purchase an all-inclusive registration pass which includes Friday and Saturday Keynotes or purchase the passes separately. To purchase your pass, please click on GET YOUR PASS on the top right of the page menu.

Amato_Len.jpg  Fumero_Alex.jpg HBO-Logo-Wallpaper_-_Hi_Res_(2).png

2:00 — 2:30pm

Energize Coffee Networking Break

Creators Lounge

Creators! Get your day started off right as there is a jam packed, event-filled on this second day of the NALIP Media Summit. This will be located at the Creators Lounge in the Dolby. Interact, network, and re-energive in our Creators Lounge and enjoy some coffee refreshments and give aways by Fox Audience Strategy.

Presented by Fox Audience Strategy

2:30 — 3:30pm

You Can’t Write This! Creating a New Reality

Creators Lounge

These powerhouse experts in unscripted and alternative media will discuss the current state of reality TV and how Latino content creators can contribute to this ever evolving form of storytelling. Join this exciting conversation that will present the cutting edge of unscripted series, formats and networks! Come #CreateWithUs

Speakers: Megan Lawrence (Scripps Networks), AJ Feliciano (SyFy), Christian Sarabia (51 Minds)

Moderator: Jaime Dávila (Campanario)

2:30 — 3:30pm

Creativity and Copyright Presented by CreativeFuture

Creators Studio 2

As an independent producer, how does copyright affect your work -- and your ability to earn a living? In this fast-paced, interactive discussion, a roundtable of experts will share vital  information about copyright and creative enterprises, and will give you a preview of what may happen in the future.

Speakers: Dr. Nelson Granados , Academic Director of the Institute for Media, Entertainment, and Culture (Pepperdine University); Ingrid Duran, CEO & Founder (D&P Creative Strategies); Ruth Vitale, Chief Executive Officer (CreativeFuture)

Moderator: Mario Solis-Marich (Latino Opinion Leader)

Presented by CreativeFuture


2:30 — 3:30pm

Digital Uprising: Where are We Headed?

Latino Lens Interactive

In this discussion, companies that have long been in the game will share their views on content creation in the face of new disruptive platforms, providing an overview of the digital content landscape. Where is it heading, what type of content are they looking to develop and what strategies are they using to engage their audience, at a time where digital content is consumed in innovative and diverse forms.

Speakers: Moises Velez (WB Digital), Jeffery Kissinger (Scripps), Chris Hasting (World TV), Alex Fumero (HBO),Bonnie Pan (Endemol Shine Beyond USA)

Moderator: Rosa Alonso 

2:30 — 3:30pm

Create Media that Matters Presented by PBS

Creators Studio 1

Learn what it takes to produce digital shorts, digital series,broadcast documentaries, and more for PBS, from Latino content creators, who have done it. Coming from different levels of experience, these makers will share stories from the field, lessons learned and insights on their creative process. Joined by PBS and LPB programmers this candid conversation will inspire you to broaden your ideas and create public media that matters!

Speakers: Pam Aguilar (Director of Programming and Development, PBS), William Caballero (Multimedia Storyteller), Luis Ortiz (Managing Director, Latino Public Broadcasting), Karla Legaspy (Filmmaker/Actress), Hector Galan (Documentarian)

Presented by PBS

3:30 — 4:00pm

Networking Coffee Break Presented by Fox Audience Strategy

Creators Lounge

Get those business cards and some coffee before heading into the last Creators Sessions of the day! Interact, network, and re-energize in our Creators Lounge and enjoy some coffee refreshments and give aways by Fox Audience Strategy. 

Presented by Fox Audience Strategy

3:45 — 5:00pm

Monetizing the Independent Film Presented by City National Bank

Latino Lens Interactive

An in-depth look at the importance of having strong financial advisors, including experienced entertainment bankers, legal advisors and distribution companies.  Learn about various business tools that successful film and TV producers use.  Learn from experienced experts about the importance of how these connections can help monetize your film or television projects.

Speakers:  Alez Zahn, Director of Aquisitions (Sony); Kevin Koloff, ESQ Law Offices of Kevin Koloff; Bel Hernandez, President/CEO (Latin Heat); Fanny Veliz, President (Criolla Films); Paul Presburger, CEO (Pantelion Films); Ana Y. Perez, VP Entertainment Division (City National Bank); Philip Sanchez, VP Entertainment Division (City National Bank)

Moderator: Marco Rea, Latino Media Visions

Presented by City National Bank

4:00 — 5:00pm

A Signature Conversation with Cris Abrego

Creators Lounge

Cris Abrego, Co-CEO of Endemol, will lead an exclusive Signature Conversation on his life and ascension to his position as Co-CEO to one of the leading companies in media. You definitely want to check out this conversation as Cris and his team at Endemol will have an announcement that will intrigue attendees!

Speaker: Cris Abrego (Co-CEO, Endemol Shine Americas)

Moderator: Alejandra Campoverdi (Director of Multiculturl Content, LA Times)

4:00 — 7:00pm

Creativity and Innovation in Public Media followed by a Mixer Presented and Hosted by CPB

Creators Studio 1

Join a conversation with public media producers and executives as they discuss how new content creation and distribution models are being developed to tell stories related to the needs of veterans in local communities, CPB’s American Graduate initiative, and to stations’ efforts to highlight the richness of their own communities. From digital first distribution to high impact local/national partnership and engagement efforts, public media is helping to redefine audience engagement and innovative storytelling.

This panel will be followed by a mixer from 6pm -8pm presented by CPB.

Speakers: Daniel Alpert (Executive Director, Kindling Group), Dez Hernandez (Producer, Kindling Group), Garrett Combs (Filmmaker/U.S Army Veteran), Sara Robertson (VP Production and Technology, KLRU-TV)

Moderator: Joseph Tovares (SVP and CCO, CPB)

Presented and hosted by CPB  


4:00 — 5:00pm

The New Latino Frontier

Creators Studio 2

Latino millennials are voracious consumers of media and seek authentic narratives in disruptive platforms. Latino content producers take these new opportunities to introduce Latino content and differentiate through respective platforms. This conversation will provide insight from industry leaders and encourage content creators to emerge as trailblazers in new Latino frontiers of media.

Speakers: Ana Valdez, Principal and Co-Founder (Valdez Productions and Consulting, Inc.); Jeff Valdez, President (Valdez Productions); Catherine Sandoval, Commissioner (CPUC); and Mauricio Mota, Executive Producer (East Los High); Sharis Delgadillo, VP of Digital Media (Latino Rebels)

Moderator: Joseph Torres, Senior External Affairs Director (Free Press) 

5:30 — 6:30pm

Exclusive Screening: Disney's "Elena of Avalor" RSVP - Exclusive Screening: Disney's "Elena of Avalor"

Creator's Lounge - The Ray Dolby Ballroom, Hollywood and Highland


Screening of Disney's new TV Series "Elena de Avalor," followed by a Q&A with it's creators. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness Disney's first Latina princess! Make sure to stick around as the creators, artists and producers will dive into what inspired the character and what this means for the Latino community. 

Speakers: Craig Gerber (Producer, Disney), Silvia Olivas, Tony Morales (Composer, Disney's Elena of Avalor), David Cardenas (Character Designer, Disney), Nancy Kanter (Executive Vice President, Disney Junior Worldwide)

Moderator: Ellen Leyva (Co-Anchor, ABC7)

Presented by Disney ABC Television Group

5:30 — 7:00pm

Thinking Global: How to Sell Your Content Abroad

Latino Lens Interactive

It’s a worldwide industry. Navigate the global market, understanding strategies, producing and selling internationally. Before you sell your project, these industry experts will provide creators with the do’s and don’ts in producing and distributing internationally.

Speakers: Maja Zimmermann (Motivo Films), Paul Hudson (Outsider Films), Robert Katz (The 33), Lucas Akoskin (BN Films), Jana Diaz (La Panda), and Jay Weisleder (Hands of Stone).

5:30 — 7:15pm

NALIP Diverse Women in Media Forum

Creators Studio 2

NALIP Diverse Women in Media: Part I 5:30 - 6:15pm

Digital Trailblazer Recognition award to be given to two-time Daytime EMMY award TV host and entrepreneur Gaby Natale by Ana Flores ; For women and by women. This panel will focus on NALIP’s efforts to champion, support and effectively empower women via the Diverse Women in Media initiative.

Speaker: Gaby Natale (AGANARmedia)

Moderator: Ana Flores (Latina Bloggers Connect)

NALIP Diverse Women in Media: Part II 6:30 - 7:15pm

Girl Boss: A Look into the Writer’s Room

Female writers, key decision makers in the television narrative. Hear the realities of being in the writers room and what opportunities there are to grow and have “our voice” represented.

Speakers: Davah Avena (Medium, Devious Maids), Charo Toledo (El Vato, East Los High, East Side Story), Stacy Traub (NOTES FROM THE UNDERBELLY/ABC, THE REAL O’NEILS/ABC, GLEE/ FOX) and Luisa Leschin (Square One TV, George Lopez Show, Everybody Hates Chris).

Moderator: Evette Vargas (Writer/Producer/Director, Digital-Reign)

When the panel is over make your way over to Creators Studio 1 for a summit mixer presented by CPB.

6:00 — 8:00pm

Summit Mixer Presented and Hosted by CPB

Creators Studio 1

Following CPB's panel Creativity and Innovation in Public Media, the Summit Mixer presented by CPB will get the night started before the official Summit Launch Mixer!

Presented by CPB

8:00 — 10:30pm

HBO Welcome Reception Presented by HBO

Loews Pool Deck

Day 2 of the NALIP Media Summit is done, but the night is just beginning... HBO welcomes you to the NALIP Media Summit 2016 with a couple of hours of refreshments and appetizers enjoying the summer open air overlooking Hollywood at the Loews Hollywood Pool!

Presented by HBO



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