Hotel Information

The NALIP Media Summit will be taking place in the heart of Hollywood, giving attendees plenty of choices on where to stay while enjoying our weekend full of activities! Please note that NALIP will not book any hotel accommodations for anyone. Attendees must plan their own trips. Check back on this site as we will be continuously updating hotel information. Below are a list of hotels providing a discount rate when attending the 2016 NALIP Media Summit.

The Redbury Hotel- Click HERE to book your stay with their "special event" promo code. The code will automatically take effect, just make sure to select the correct dates! For questions, call (877) 962-1717.  

The Moment Hotel- When booking, enter the code "NMS2016" for a discount. It can be entered on the website under the section PROMO code, not GROUP code. Rooms can be booked using this code until 6/13/2016. Make sure to book early! For questions or concerns, call The Moment Hotel at (323) 391-4808 or text (323) 391-1002.

The Highland Gardens- When booking, please call (800) 404-5472 and mention the "NALIP Media Summit Discount Rate" for $20 off your three-night stay.

Other hotels in the area include:

We'll see you at the Summit NALIPsters!

*Note: Please note that NALIP is not responsible for any hotel accommodations for attendees/pass buyers.



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