Senior VP and Chief Content Officer at CPB

Joseph Tovares is Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. CPB is the single largest funder of public media content in the United States. Joseph came to CPB after an award-winning career as a public media and executive producer. Joseph was formerly Senior Vice President of Diversity and Innovation at CPB and oversaw the Diversity and Innovation Fund which has supported more than $47 million in primetime and children’s content since 2010, including: The Longoria Affair; Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle; On Two Fronts: Latinos and Vietnam; Willie Velasquez: Empowering The People; and Pedro E. Guerrero: A Photographer’s Journey. In his current role, Tovares oversees television, radio, digital, and journalism content support. He works closely with national producers, producing stations and independent producers.   Tovares has represented U.S. public media in Spain, Mexico, El Salvador and Chile.  He is a native of San Antonio, Texas.



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