Pantelion Films CEO

Pantelion Films CEO and Televisa USA Managing Director Paul Presburger has made a successful career catering to niche audiences across Europe, Asia, and Latin America as well as the US Hispanic Market. Presburger was the architect of the Pantelion Films joint venture, the only Hollywood Studio focused on the U.S. Latino Audience.   In 2013, Pantelion Film’s  Instructions Not Included, became the highest grossing Spanish language picture of all time in the U.S.  Presburger has launched several international ventures during his career including the recently announced Globalgate Entertainment. He joined Lionsgate in 2007 to help orchestrate its growth into international markets and developed strategic partnerships with Televisa, StudioCanal among other companies. He has an MBA from INSEAD in France, a JD from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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